Flash Tattoo

“Some weeks ago I listened to the latest album from Paul Sachs, Flash Tattoo. The by-now expected lyrical and musical masterpiece did not disappoint...Paul Sachs proves once again that he is a master of his craft.” - Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live NYC

"One of the album’s great virtues is that it never stands still. If the lyrics get in a groove he will keep it moving with his guitar playing. That sounds like a simple thing but so few people can pull that off. There is not a weak song on the album. I keep a playlist of songs that I want to eventually play on my radio show. The entire album is on it." - Folk Music Notebook's Gordon Nash of Gord's Gold

Full Detroit

"Listening to this album is like an old friend. It will give you chills it’ll put a lump in your throat and will leave you knowing that you are listening to something special…" - Viola Krouse

"Before you even start to focus on Paul Sachs’ songs, his voice communicates an entire world of complex emotional experience. Even if you didn’t understand a word of English it would immediately become clear that you were listening to a man who’s been around the block and earned a lot of hard-won wisdom." - Jim Allen, Culture Sonar

Love is Love

"Every turn in life’s river seems to elicit new brilliance in Paul Sachs’ writing. We’ll no doubt be witness to more lyrical feats as he ascends ever higher in the ranks of great songwriters. Now the rest of the world just needs to listen.” - Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live NYC

Survival is the New Success

"Paul Sachs is the real deal.  When it comes to writing songs that capture everyday life, Paul has his finger on the pulse. Whether finding inspiration from Hank Williams or a visit to Oswald's window from which the shots that killed JFK rang out, Paul's observations combine a keen sense for the daily struggles of humanity with a strong musical craft." - Wanda Fisher, Hudson River Sampler  

"With Survival Is The New Success, Paul Sachs has created something that truly speaks to our time. Whether it’s poverty, addiction, living on the edge, or the devastation war brings down on an individual, Paul Sachs makes it sound real and gives us uncompromising social commentary on American life in the early 21st century." - Charlie Silvestri, Up Cose and Acoustic

Oil Town

“With a country crooner's voice and a folk songwriter's soul, Paul Sachs is in tune with our uncertain times in the 21st century.. Sachs is gifted with one those strong and distinctive voices that command attention, and his songs will grab you, too... Paul Sachs, who's fast becoming a new troubadour of our troubled times.” - Butch Kara, KZGM FM