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Greetings from NYC-

It’s been a wild few weeks of travel for me. First I flew to Dallas Texas to play the Wildflower Festival in Richardson and flew back. A week later I landed in San Antonio to play the Kerrville folk festival to be part of their wonderful new folk competition. I had a fantastic time and I’m grateful for the chance to have been part of such a prestigious contest. I have been going there for the past three years and always have a great time making new friends and hearing wonderful songwriters around the camps. The first time I went to Kerrville in 2010 I drove down with the wonderful songwriter and mentor Jack Hardy whom I dedicated my set to at the competition. We’d driven straight to Texas. Only stopping for ribs in Memphis. This scenario was repeated on the way back to NYC.

new folk comp

At new Folk competition. Thanks Neale for the pic.

For 12 days I camped out at Kerrville. One night at a campfire a scorpion crawled across my boot. I’d never seen one before so I asked the folks I was with and they confirmed it was a scorpion. (You don’t see them in NYC.) I picked my guitar case off the ground and tucked in my shirt.

On Tuesday, June 12th, I’m playing John Platts’ “On Your Radar” show at the Living Room here in NY. I’m very excited about this gig. John Platt is a wonderful DJ at WFUV who supports the folk music scene in the NY area and beyond. I’m very proud to have this gig. I play a half hour set along with two other bands.

Anyway it’s time to get back to writing songs. Take care and thanks again to all the wonderful friends I made both at Wildflower and Kerrville. I am eternally grateful.

All the best and stay healthy


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