Full Detroit is here!

The new CD is here. You can buy it now on CDbaby. Hard copy or download or stream on Spotify.

Click here. https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/paulsachs4

DJ John Platt (WFUV) states of Full Detroit:

"Like Tom Russell and Bruce Springsteen, Paul Sachs is an artisan of carefully-crafted, observant songs drawn from life. He entrusted his latest batch and his rich, resonant vocals to Mark Dann's sympathetic production. The result is the noteworthy new album, Full Detroit."

Richard Cuccaro of Acoustic Live NYC states:

The epitome of the songwriter’s craft uses the empathetic response — to the point where each song is like a novel about a completely invented character. Such is the case with Paul Sachs. No navel-gazing here. He uses his barrel-chested vocals delicately, like a surgeon, cutting through the layers of defenses of his songs’ characters…Sachs has been turning out masterpieces for years. This may be the best one yet."