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Oil Town 2011

Paul Sachs: Oil Town

Reviews for Oil Town:

Paul Sachs' new CD, "Oil Town," is an impressive collection of from-the-heart songs, sung with grit and passion--and the right amount of grace. He writes insightful songs and sings them the way he envisioned them to be sung.  This CD is well-produced, with just enough accompaniment to accentuate Paul's music, bringing his strong, clear vocals to the forefront.  Paul makes his mentor, the late Jack Hardy, proud of him with this one.
--Wanda Fischer, Producer/Host, "The Hudson River Sampler," WAMC-FM/Northeast Public Radio

"With a country crooner's voice and a folk songwriter's soul, Paul Sachs is in tune with our uncertain times in the 21st century. On 'Oil Town,' he sets an unflinching eye on rusted dreams, frayed lives, corporate evil-doers, and the smaller tragedies between average men and women everywhere."

- Chris Kocher, writer for the (Binghamton, N.Y.) Press & Sun-Bulletin and Sing Out

 Since I got a copy of Paul Sachs' latest album  "Oil Town", his songs have been swirling in my head.  Sachs is gifted with  one of those strong voices that get your attention,  a bag of memorable melodies and lyrics to grab your soul, and a powerful message that makes him a troubadour of our troubled times.   Oil Town has already made my top ten list for 2011.
- Butch Kara Host of Kaleidoscope - KZGM-FM/WAZU-FM (Pacifica)

"Paul Sachs new recording Oil Town has a real smooth acoustic sound that's drenched with great grass root lyrics. This CD gives a lot of pure listening pleasure. Excellent project."
Jim Fisher
WGCS radio

Paul Sachs' big voice frames the eloquently told tales of working class desperation in these times of corporate takeover. This album could be called "Oil World," but "Oil Town" will do. This new effort marks the emergence of an important voice in the genre of social commentary folk music.

Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live.