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Love is Love - CD

2016 release. 

Love remains the eternal thread that connects us all, even when it is compromised and moves beyond our understanding.  

That is the underlying truth of Love Is Love, a new collection from Paul Sachs. His new CD takes us on a profound journey into the dark corners of love– love compromised, love revealed, love as pain. It brings us 11 harrowing tales of heartbreak and loss that illuminate the full spectrum of human love, and how that love is transformed through time and experience.

These musical short stories are firmly in the folk tradition of Harry Chapin or Bruce Springsteen, told from the perspective of both men and women. In Boys Will be Boys Sachs tells the tragic tale of his high school friend, a male hustler who died from AIDS in New York City in the 80s. In The Killer Inside a women leaves her family and falls in love with a man on death row. Her story unfolds behind glass, told on a prison phone. In No Man’s Land a father struggles with addiction, desperately wanting to stop using and get back to his new born daughter. In The Witness, based on the Tamir Rice shooting in Cleveland, a mother tells an all too familiar story of our times. 

When asked to describe Paul’s music and songwriting, my answer is, ’real’.
Richard Cuccaro-Acoustic Live.

…a folk musician for modern times. (The Alternate Root)

Paul Sachs is the real deal.  When it comes to writing songs that capture everyday life, Paul has his finger on the pulse (Wanda Fisher WAMC Hudson River Sampler.)