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April come she will!!

Greetings from NYC.

My song "Dirty Trucks" got picked in Alternate Roots' Top 50  songs of the American condition. I am thrilled to be mentioned with so many of my hero's and teachers. Click here to read the article.

In other news I was selected to be in Wildflowers' Performing Songwriter Contest next month in Texas. I performed there last year on the courtyard stage so I am amped to be returning again to do both!

So far so good. Stay Healthy


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Congratulations! This is a list you should be on when someone is writing about the best songwriters.Dylan, Springsteen, Waits, and yes Sachs! I hope others start picking up on the other great songs you have written and the public start buying your CDs and showing up at your shows. Perhaps the radio DJs will also take notice and you will get some airplay. In the meantime just keep writing. T

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