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Ireland tour

Below is a poster for the tour with Dave Murphy and Kerry Fearon. See you soon!


To the Emerald Isle

Greetings from New York City

I’ve got some new songs in my pocket and come November I’ll be traveling with my buddy and fellow songwriter, the wonderful,  Dave Murphy in Ireland to sing them. For two weeks we will be tramping around with amazing singer Kerry Fearon, who’s from Ireland. I’m looking forward to meeting people and singing my songs in places I’ve only dreamed about. The tour starts in early November. Please look at the calendar and if you’re in those parts come by.

On Saturday, October 5th I’ll be doing a house concert with Dave Murphy opening for me at Kathryn’s House Concerts. Seating is limited. To RSVP the show click here

Full Detroit is here!

The new CD is here. You can buy it now on CDbaby. Hard copy or download or stream on Spotify.

Click here.

DJ John Platt (WFUV) states of Full Detroit:

"Like Tom Russell and Bruce Springsteen, Paul Sachs is an artisan of carefully-crafted, observant songs drawn from life. He entrusted his latest batch and his rich, resonant vocals to Mark Dann's sympathetic production. The result is the noteworthy new album, Full Detroit."

Richard Cuccaro of Acoustic Live NYC states:

The epitome of the songwriter’s craft uses the empathetic response — to the point where each song is like a novel about a completely invented character. Such is the case with Paul Sachs. No navel-gazing here. He uses his barrel-chested vocals delicately, like a surgeon, cutting through the layers of defenses of his songs’ characters…Sachs has been turning out masterpieces for years. This may be the best one yet."


Tribute to Townes

I am very proud to have been chosen as one of the artists to be on this amazing compilation alum of Townes Van Zandt songs. On it I cover the iconic Poncho and Lefty.

New CD. Full Detroit coming soon!!! 2018

The new CD, "Full Detroit" is in the can and should be ready by the end of June. Please keep an eye out for release on this site. It's my biggest sounding so far and I'm very excited for people to hear it.

All the best


New Song Hit and Run

Here's a  video off the new upcoming CD called Hit and Run. This was the actual take we used for the CD which will be released in June! Thank you to everyone who contributed!

From the Hudson West Folk Festival

What America's Become

Hi- I have a new song called What America's Become available for free download or streaming in the music section. I'll let the song speak for itself.


Take care



Tiny desk Contest

NPR has a tiny Desk Contest that I joined and here's the video. The only requirement is that there was a desk in the video.

The Best Hope Can Do is the song I choose to do. It seems fit for todays times. #TinyDeskContest

Thank you


March 22 Show at Rockwood Stage 3

Top Ten and more

Greetings from New York City

I'm proud to announce "Love is Love" made it to WFUV's John Platt's top ten songs list for 2016 and also he gave the new CD honorable mention for best album of the year. Click the link and scroll down.

Also This week Alternate Root picked Late for the Protest as top Ten Song of the week. Click below  to read review.

Here's a good review from the Netherlands. I used google translate. Click and give the page a second to load.

In January I'll be performing with two of my favorite songwriters, Tim Robinson and Mike Laureanno on January 3rd at rock wood Music Hall, stage 3. All of us hail from the Jack Hardy Songwriter exchange here in NYC. It should be an amazing night of songs and stories. I hope you can make it. Tickets will be $10.00 each. Stage 3 is a wonderful listening room.

That's all for now. Fight the good fight.


Radio and NERFA

 Greetings from NYC-

I had a great time for the October tour in Texas. Many thanks to all the house concert venues that hosted me and all the kind folks who heard me play!!

Also in the news My new CD "Love is Love" is on the Folk DJ October 2016 Chart: #5 CD of the month and "Late for the Protest is #9 Song of the month! Thank you to all the DJ's playing my songs!!

Here's a link to my new CD reviewed in the Netherlands it says good things about it, but I needed google translate to read it!

I'll be at the North East Folk Alliance starting November 10th-13th. Below are the times of my guerrilla showcases.

All the best


New Review of Love is Love

A wonderful review of my new CD Love is Love. Thank you Richard Cuccaro!

Love is Love is Available on iTunes, Amazon and is streaming on Spotify

Thank you



Love is here!!  

New CD available now!!!

Buy at CDbaby! Download or physical copy!! Click Here

East Village Folk Festival

Greetings from NYC

Here is  a video of the East Village Folk Festival where I  performed a few weeks back. thank you to Kathryn Bloss and Alan Kaufman for hosting such a wonderful event! It took place on fathers' day at Saint Marks Theatre 80 where as kid i would go with my dad to see old movies they use to show. Other performers included Diana Jones, Sandy Bell, Greg Trooper and Malcolm Holcombe. What an honor it was to share the stage with these songwriters!

Keep an Eye out for my New CD due out in few Weeks called Love is Love!!

Peace on this Earth!!


love is Love

Greetings from NYC-

Below is a very simple video of Love is Love the title track from the upcoming CD due next month in July. With all the trouble in the world I hope this song does what it can.

Peace and love



New Song

New Song. Families of the Disappeared © 2015



Greetings from NYC-

Survival is the new Success made it to #23 on the Roots Music Report's top 100 Americana Country Album Charts of 2014. So grateful. 

See you soon



T.V. Interview part 2

Greetings from NYC

Here is part 2 of my interview on Alive With Clive.  I hope you enjoy it. Part one is below.

All the best.


TV show

Greetings from NYC-

On December 15th I did a TV show called Alive with Clive. Below is the 1st 1/2 hour segment. I sing four songs and talk about each one and other stuff. Thank you to Clive Swersky for having me and I hope he has me back as it was fun and he asks good questions. I hope you like it.



Survival is now on iTunes.

Greetings from NYC.

Survival is now on ITunes

It's also on cdbaby

Tell yer ma and pa! Survival is the New Success! Please leave a review of the new CD if you feel it on iTunes or Cdbaby. If you're feeling it!

Take care.


Review and radio

Greetings from NYC-


First off thank you to everyone who came out to see me and my friends Amy Allison and Dave Murphy by the east river the other day!\


Survival is doing good on the charts and has reached # 3 on the roots music report and holding stedy on the country chart as well at 15 for the past 3 weeks.


I got a nice review in the Alternate root magazine click here to read


Click here to read


Also here’s a radio interview I did the other day with Chris Kocher of WHRW FM 

Click here to listen


The next gig is August 31st at Rockwood Music Hall here in NYC


Take care and thank you for listening!




Survival is the New Success

The new Cd is finished and will be ready by the end of May. Thank you everyone who gave to the campaign! I can't wait for you to hear it : ) Photo by David Plakke. 

Also Richard Cuccaro Wrote a very nice review of Survival is the New Success. Click on link below

Track listing

  1. Survival is the New Success
  2. Hank Williams’ Guitar
  3. Oswald’s Window
  4. The Devil Never Did
  5. All the Junkies
  6. Jesse
  7. Still Life
  8. Trouble Comes Easy
  9. Jesus Candle
  10. Gratitude
  11. Painter and Sculptor (The Last American Town)

Oswald's Window

Greetings from NYC


Here’s a new song called Oswald’s Window. Over the summer while in Dallas I went to the 6th floor museum.

This song started to take shape in my head not knowing we were on the 50h anniversary. 


Also posted is another new one called Hank Williams’ Guitar in the music section


More to come



Texas Tour

Greetings from New York City-

Just got back from the Grassy Hill Kerrville Fall Tour with a heart full of gratitude. What a blast I had. A big thank you to Dalis and all the people who hosted the concerts! It feels like a dream. being a hard core native New Yorker it is always a pleasant change of scenery and people when I travel to Texas. Special thanks to David and Regan for putting me up and taking real good care of me! On the tour with me were 5 of other wonderful songwriters, Ellis, Eric Bettencourt, Adrianne Lenker, Honor Finnegan and Ed Romanoff.

One of the songs I played every night is a new called Oswald's’ Window. I’m going into the studio this week to hopefully finish and post it on this site in a week or so. In the meantime please listen to Hank Williams Guitar. A new Track posted in the music section. Click here to listen

Again thanks to everyone I met in Texas I hope to see y’all again real soon.


East River Show rescheduled for this Wednesday

The East River Show is rescheduled for this Wednesday, July 24th! I hope some of you can still come out!

Thank You


Jesus Candle's

Greetings from New York City-

First off, thank you to my friends who came down to hear me at the sidewalk cafe last Saturday night. It was fun to try out the new songs.

I have a couple of new shows coming up in July. One at The Rockwood and one by the East River with a couple of my fellow NYC songwriters. Please check Calendar for details.

While in Texas my friends Regan and David filmed me singing a new song called Jesus Candle at the Kerrville folk Festival at their camp site called Camp Lethargy. I wrote the song the night Hurricane Sandy hit NYC. I hope you like it. I had a great time in Kerrville and love all the folks I have made friends with over the past few years.

Take care and stay healthy



Kerrville New Folk!

Greetings from New York City-

I am proud to announce that I have won the Kerrville New Folk winner competition! this is an honor. Once a year the Kerrville folk festival in Texas holds this competition. I am forever indebted to the late songwriter and mentor Jack Hardy who took me there in ’09 and encouraged me. This one’s for you!

I played two new songs, ‘The Devil Never Did” co written with the great songwriter Diana Jones and “Hank Williams Guitar. 

 With a heart full of gratitude, onward and upward

Stay healthy



Greeting from New York City-

A lot to tell you about. I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of both the Wildflower and Kerrville competitions again this year. I will be playing on the Courtyard stage on Friday, May 17th for a full set at Wildflower. The next day I’m in the Wildflower songwriting competition. The following week it’s back out to San Antonio to be part of the Kerrville songwriter competition. Both are wonderful festivals!

I’m also thrilled to announce that I was chosen to be in the NERFA One Day Conference at the University of Rhode Islands Fine Arts Center to perform 3 songs in a showcase with many of my favorite fellow songwriters. This will take place on June, 1st.

All my ducks are lined up and I’m ready to roll. I’ve also been writing as much as I can and have new songs that I’m very excited about.

See you soon and stay healthy

Paul Sachs

"We are made to persist. That's how we find out who we are."
Tobias Wolff

April come she will!!

Greetings from NYC.

My song "Dirty Trucks" got picked in Alternate Roots' Top 50  songs of the American condition. I am thrilled to be mentioned with so many of my hero's and teachers. Click here to read the article.

In other news I was selected to be in Wildflowers' Performing Songwriter Contest next month in Texas. I performed there last year on the courtyard stage so I am amped to be returning again to do both!

So far so good. Stay Healthy


Ready for tonight's show in LIC!

Greetings From NYC.

I had such a great time playing at Kathryn's House concert!! Thank you to everyone who came out!

I am looking forward to tonight's show at the LIC Bar in Queens!! I read somewhere that the Who donated the sound system! It's free to get in but there is a one drink minimum.

See you soon I hope!


Tonight's show at coffelabs is canceled!

Tonight's show at coffelabs in Tarrytown is canceled! They got in touch with me and due to weather conditions they said were closing early. I will post when show is to be rescheduled. Sorry if this has caused any inconvenience.

Thank you


Kerrville and more

Greetings from NYC-

It’s been a wild few weeks of travel for me. First I flew to Dallas Texas to play the Wildflower Festival in Richardson and flew back. A week later I landed in San Antonio to play the Kerrville folk festival to be part of their wonderful new folk competition. I had a fantastic time and I’m grateful for the chance to have been part of such a prestigious contest. I have been going there for the past three years and always have a great time making new friends and hearing wonderful songwriters around the camps. The first time I went to Kerrville in 2010 I drove down with the wonderful songwriter and mentor Jack Hardy whom I dedicated my set to at the competition. We’d driven straight to Texas. Only stopping for ribs in Memphis. This scenario was repeated on the way back to NYC.

new folk comp

At new Folk competition. Thanks Neale for the pic.

For 12 days I camped out at Kerrville. One night at a campfire a scorpion crawled across my boot. I’d never seen one before so I asked the folks I was with and they confirmed it was a scorpion. (You don’t see them in NYC.) I picked my guitar case off the ground and tucked in my shirt.

On Tuesday, June 12th, I’m playing John Platts’ “On Your Radar” show at the Living Room here in NY. I’m very excited about this gig. John Platt is a wonderful DJ at WFUV who supports the folk music scene in the NY area and beyond. I’m very proud to have this gig. I play a half hour set along with two other bands.

Anyway it’s time to get back to writing songs. Take care and thanks again to all the wonderful friends I made both at Wildflower and Kerrville. I am eternally grateful.

All the best and stay healthy


Radio Radio

Greetings from NYC-

Oil Town's holding Steady at # 11 on "Cashbox Magazine / Roots Music Report's Folk Top 50" and holding at # 6 on Roots Music Report's NY: Roots Radio Airplay Chart. Talk about the little folk CD that could.

Here's an interview I did with Kathy Millar of WHUD radio which aired last night. Thanks Kathy. WHUD is based in the Hudson Valley area of NYC.

Stay Healthy


WHUD interview

New CD coming soon


Greetings from New York City-

I’m putting the finishing touches on my new CD this week. It will be called “Oil Town”. It contains 11 new songs including two that are already posted on this site , “Poor Man’s Out” and “Dirty Trucks”. The CD sounds wonderful and if I haven't said it already, I’m really excited about this one!  

My photographer David Plakke and I went running around the streets of NY last week and the shoot went late into the wee hours last Thursday.

Its an all hands on deck kind of feeling.  Stay tuned and I’ll keep trying to post updates. By mid July it should be ready!

Take care and stay healthy


Jack Hardy

Jack Hardy lived and breathed songs and the craft of writing them.  He wasn't into waiting for a song to happen. His belief was to write, and write more (at least a song a week believing that it would make you a better writer). When someone was playing his or her song for the first time he would listen with such concentration that it was as if nothing else in the world mattered.  The importance of the art and craftsmanship of songwriting poured out of him.  Like countless others who passed through the Songwriters Exchange, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by his passion for it. He inspired me and made me a better songwriter for it.  In a world where everything is transient, there was a sense of something eternal about Jack that can’t be put into words. My life and art were forever changed by his tutelage.   Goodnight to...

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