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Survival is the New Success reached #23 on Roots Music Report's top 100 Americana Country Album Charts of 2014.

Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Competition winner 2013

Wildflower Songwriting competition finalist 2013

Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Competition finalist 2012

 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist finalist 2011

Oil Town is named one of the top Folk albums of 2011 on both the Folk DJ list and Roots Music Report


Survival Is The New Success’ is a devastating commentary on life in modern America. When a character in the song realizes he’s worth more to his family dead than alive because of his life insurance policy, it’s a powerful moment and a piece of truly great songwriting. When asked to describe Paul’s music and songwriting, my answer is, ’real’.

Richard Cuccaro-Acoustic Live.

His latest release, Survival is the New Success, continues the development of a folk musician for modern times. No hybrids appear, and no need to claim dual citizenship for cool cred as Folk Rock, the instrumentation on Survival is the New Success gathers around an acoustic guitar and the man whose finger-picking style is as crucial to the songs as his one-line jabs and jeers. -The Alternate Root

Paul Sachs is the real deal.  When it comes to writing songs that capture everyday life, Paul has his finger on the pulse. Whether finding inspiration from Hank Williams or a visit to Oswald's window from which the shots that killed JFK rang out, Paul's observations combine a keen sense for the daily struggles of humanity with a strong musical craft.  "Survival is the New Success" captures the essence of what he does so well. Wanda Fisher WAMC Hudson River Sampler.



Sachs is also available for house concerts and is always looking for venues to play! Please send him an email with any information.


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